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Fast break: Finding the Time


It’s Sunday again! Time to get geared up for a good week, which for me pretty much boils down to planning. I’m feeling motivated as this is the new view in my basement!


Strategy: This week the Spark Diet talks about using every small opportunity we have to do a good thing for ourselves and our diets. One example is especially easy if you’re a Subway fan – switch out the mayo (100 calories) for mustard (11 calories) on your next sandwich. Carve out 15 minutes to move rather than sit. Maybe even team up with someone for meal planning or exercise. I forgot to mention it last week, but if anyone would like to hook up with me on My Fitness Pal for some accountability, my screen name is keandrew82.

Move your body challenge: I was an epic failure at last week’s challenge. I printed it out with grand intentions, and I didn’t do it even one day. I’ll keep it out again this week. I also challenge you guys to do this one at least once this week. It shouldn’t take long (maybe 20 minutes?) and it’s all basic moves that are great for you.


What am I going to eat? I’ll post recipes with photos later in the week, but this Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing is on my agenda for today. Like many people, I keep a lot of recipe ideas on Pinterest, so if you want to follow me, you can find me as Kelly Andrew or under the email keandrew82@gmail.com.

Motivation: This is from one of my favorite workout songs (and songs in general) “Shake it Out” by Florence And the  Machine. Let’s be honest, the devil on my back right now is a whole bunch of extra pounds, which are making it hard for me to do the things that will make my life how I want it (ie: physical activities with friends who are in better shape, having the confidence to date, etc.). Shake off whatever devil is riding you this week, and dance with me, okay?

devil on your back


Goals: I didn’t do this section last week, but I thought I’d share to stay accountable. I’ve used this goal sheet for years (on and off) and it helps me remember to take baby steps each week to feel great about everything in my life, not just a “diet.” I think it’s a combination of something I read in a Jillian Michaels book, and Spark People, and maybe a little me, but it’s not original by any means. It helps me though, so feel free to use it if it will help you.

What was my biggest challenge last week, and how can I overcome it this week? The cleanse offered a protective barrier from the real world, and once it was over, I went nuts and had waaaaay too much wine and felt like crap. This week I will remember that moderation is okay. I can drink wine, it’s not “bad.” I just need to do it in a way that doesn’t make me feel bad.

What will I do this week to improve my appearance? I will take the time to wear makeup when I leave the house.

What will I do this week that will increase my energy? I will work to get on a sleep schedule that allows 7-8 hours per night. For me this means moving away from a bad habit of Netflix in bed.

What sports, exercise or other physical activity will I do this week to improve my fitness? When and how often will I do it? M-3 mi. jog with Erin, T-morning walk & yoga, W-off, R-off, F-workout challenge, S-morning walk/jog, Su-morning walk/jog. I want to say I’ll do something every day, but I also want to be realistic. I’ll get there.

What will I do this week to boost my self confidence? Put together a training schedule for Crazy Legs.

What actions will I take this week to improve my health? Stick to my food plan and cook at home.

Fast-break goals – small, simple, powerful changes:

Nutrition: I will continue to track all of my food daily using My Fitness Pal

Fitness: Switch out couch TV time with treadmill TV time

Motivation: 210 pounds by Feb. 1 – which is coming fast. I’m going to a gala next month and I want to be able to feel good in a dress!

Detoxification Cleanse – Day 7


As I sit here drinking my tea on the morning of day seven, I feel good. I’m proud that I’ve been able to stick to the cleanse guidelines for a week. I’m happy that those holiday pounds seem to have come off during this week. I’m glad that I feel good.

But this is also a scary day for me. Without the excuse of “I’m doing a cleanse” how will I regulate my diet? I already have social plans for this weekend that include eating and drinking – how will I maintain moderation? How can I keep the cravings that I know are going to pop up again at bay, and how do I keep from overeating and binge eating in the future?

I have to think that this is the case for many people out there. We start the new year right, we clean out our systems, we engage in the right activities for a few weeks and feel great…and then we stop. Somehow the weight gets put back on and we start to feel like shit again. I don’t know how this story is going to end, but I’m committed to sharing the story along the way, and hopefully becoming accountable to readers of this blog.

On to day seven. Nothing new or earth-shattering here. Same routine as yesterday. I made this slow cooker savory bean and spinach soup, which was good, so I’ll have some leftovers for the next couple of days.

spinach soup


I’ve also got some broccoli slaw salad left, and ingredients to make this crunchy cashew thai salad tomorrow. Of course I’ll be back with more recipes next week.

Why I’m looking forward to the weekend: my treadmill gets delivered tonight, I have a date with Erin for a 3-mile run on Saturday (it’s going to be 35 degrees, a WI heatwave!) and there’s plenty of time to cook.

Why I’m nervous about this weekend: I want some red wine. And I want brunch. And those are two things that can get me in trouble when it comes to going overboard, having no boundaries, and ending up with a 3,000 calorie day.