Have you ever wondered if this was it? If you just truly aren’t strong enough to lose the weight, gain the muscle, feel good about yourself, or achieve the goals you set every year? That’s why I’m here. I know I’m strong enough, but something has been holding me back. I need to loose about 70 pounds. It’s embarrassing. My clothes don’t fit, my body aches when I wake up, and I won’t go on a date because frankly, I don’t feel like I’m worth it. 

About three years ago, I started a weekly gathering with two friends who were also interested in shedding a few pounds and feeling better in general. We’d meet at my house, do a 30-60 minute workout, I’d cook a healthy meal and we’d set goals for the week. It worked. We called it Fit Club. 

Life has gotten in the way of a consistent Fit Club for my friends and I, but when I look back on it, I was the most disciplined, motivated, and happy that I’ve been in a long time. Which is why I’m writing here. I want to share this experience with others who struggle with the same things I do. I want to share the tools that are working, and have somewhere to go when I feel like I don’t have any value and I might as well eat a frozen pizza and a bag of Cheetos. 

I’m making this commitment to myself. If even one person reads this, uses the information that I’ve gathered and finds hope for a better, stronger, more fit life I will have won. And in the meantime, I’ll be working on myself, one pound at a time. 

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