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Fast Break: Keeping goals top of mind


It’s time I beg for forgiveness. I missed last week’s post. After a crazy week/weekend with lots of fun activities and being around a lot of people, I slipped into a couch coma when I got home Sunday night..ahhhhh, the quiet. And then I got the flu. No pitty party here – I caught it early and got on the Tamaflu, so after five days, I’m actually feeling pretty good again. I guess it’s time to get back at it.

Strategy: Keep your goals top of mind. It’s tough – that fresh beginning that came with January 1 has worn off a little, and let’s be honest, if you live in WI like I do, you sort of just want to eat soup and drink hot toddies until spring. One of the recommendations this week is to use visual cues like photos and affirmations to remind you of why you’re doing this. Funny, that’s just what my Life Coaching assignment is this month, too! Below you can peek at my inspiration board – it’s just a bulletin board in my basement, but I put everything up there – photos of my past when I felt good about myself, a friend’s inspirational story, Jillian Michaels, things I find on Pinterest, even the bikini I haven’t worn in years that might just be a possibility again someday.

inspiration board


Move your body challenge: I’ve been an epic failure at my own challenges. This one looks like something I can print out, put on my board, and just do it after my treadmill time this week!

do it daily


What am I going to eat? I made this Bleu chicken salad last week and it was the highlight of my week. Again, a plea for spring on my part.

bleu chicken salad


Motivation: I don’t know if I’m the best person to be giving any of this right now. I’m feeling blue and cooped up. So how about this little piece of advice (which you can buy from strongconfidentYOU on etsy)? There’s really no good reason to stop. Even the snow. So let’s just keep going.

just keep going



What was my biggest challenge last week, and how can I overcome it this week? The flu makes me only want to be comforted. So when I got my appetite back, it wanted mac & cheese, thick, creamy soup, and sour patch kids (don’t ask). I’ve taken care of myself, rested, and allowed myself to heal this week – now it’s time to get back to it by getting on the treadmill.

What will I do this week to improve my appearance? I’m getting a haircut next Saturday!

What will I do this week that will increase my energy? Take my vitamins every day, and a dose of EmergenC in the morning.

What sports, exercise or other physical activity will I do this week to improve my fitness? When and how often will I do it? There is no reason why I can’t be on the treadmill every day next week. I also really need to commit to getting back to yoga on Tuesday night. Again, I’ve been using the cold, snow, sick as an excuse – yoga is great for me, makes me feel better, and it’s literally 6 minutes away from my home. Just. Keep. Going.

What will I do this week to boost my self confidence? Go tanning. I know it’s controversial. But it makes me feel better. And I only do it once a week.

What actions will I take this week to improve my health? Drink more water and tea.

Fast-break goals – small, simple, powerful changes:

Nutrition: Tracking, tracking, tracking.

Fitness: I’m building up my running time – keep building

Motivation: Just keep going. This too shall pass.