Fast break: Setting Up Shop


Another week has gone by, and it was a rough one for me. I fell off of the wagon in many ways, and I’ve been procrastinating about writing this blog all day. But I made a commitment to start each week with a check-in, and I’m going to stick to it.

Strategy: The spark diet is all about baby-steps, and this week it’s about making sure you’ve got the right stuff in your environment. I’m already pretty good about only buying the things that are good for me and having a cleaned out kitchen, but it’s when I go out that I have the problem. This week is going to be tricky, because I’m a little overloaded on evening social events (two wine tastings, really?) I am going to take the advice of eating a small meal or snack before I head out – hopefully curb my appetite. I also appreciate the idea of having a cup or water bottle that you like to drink out of around at all times. My trick right now is this pretty tea pot and cup – I go through about 3 pots of tea each day!


Move your body challenge: It’s going to be cold, cold, cold again this week in WI, so here’s another one you can do in the house, with very little space needed. Let’s do it. At least once.


What am I going to eat? Check out this recipe for roasted chicken and winter squash with endive-apple salad. I make the chicken recipe from Practical Paleo all of the time, and I found the rest of the salad in Curtis Stone’s What’s for Dinner cookbook. This was a huge hit when I made it for my parents – I will make it again!

winter squash salad

Motivation: Oh man, do I ever need this for the week. I’m pulling my inspiration here from my effort to try to be a little more in love with myself, every day. Each day, I’m going to try to remember that by getting on the treadmill, cooking and eating healthy foods, and being gentle and forgiving with myself, I’m living my life with love.

A bright yellow sunbeam pattern on vintage paper.


What was my biggest challenge last week, and how can I overcome it this week? Drinking continues to be a challenge for me. I love red wine. I love having beers on Friday night. And I use an evening of drinking as an excuse to a)binge eat, b)not exercise the next day, c)eat poorly the next day, and d)beat myself up. I’m trying to learn to live a little less black and white, and a little more grey, where I can enjoy the lifestyle I enjoy, while maintaining my health.

What will I do this week to improve my appearance? I will keep up the painted fingernails.

What will I do this week that will increase my energy? I will commit to waking up early and STARTING my day with exercise. It always turns out better when I do.

What sports, exercise or other physical activity will I do this week to improve my fitness? When and how often will I do it? Mon-Wed I will use the treadmill for 30-60 minutes. Thur. I will train with Karen. Fri. I’ll be back on the treadmill.

What will I do this week to boost my self confidence? Put together a training schedule for Crazy Legs. (I didn’t achieve this goal last week).

What actions will I take this week to improve my health? Get my healthy meals on – at home!

Fast-break goals – small, simple, powerful changes:

Nutrition: I need to get back to My Fitness Pal this week. Honesty and accountability.

Fitness: Morning workouts.

Motivation: My mental health. This winter is getting long, and losing this weight will make it easier.

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