Detoxification Cleanse – Day 3


Day three: let the pooping begin!

Don’t be turned off by it, we all know the whole purpose of a cleanse is to actually remove the toxins from your body, and what better way to do that than through sweat, sneezing, and, well, eliminating.

Yesterday’s yoga experience was…interesting. I forgot that it’s January and everyone and their brother has resolved to move their body more, create time for themselves and bring peace into their lives. The class I went to was packed. Uncomfortably so. I was squished in too close to my neighbor for me to be comfortable (personal boundary issues, I know) and the time before class started when I usually try to quiet my mind was frankly just too loud. I reminded myself of something my favorite yogi Jess says often: your practice is about you and your mat – no one else in the room has an impact on it and you leave whatever you choose on the mat. Interestingly enough, our instructor, Biz, is also working her way through a one-month cleanse, and is integrating her yoga classes with it. So yesterday’s class was focused on cleansing the kidneys and bowels. Yup. You heard it. With a smile, she announced to the class that she encouraged coughing and sneezing as a great way to release toxins, and well, we all know what might come out the other end! Despite being a bit uncomfortable with my proximity to others, I did have a wonderful 90 minute yoga practice full of twists and bends and a focused ending meditation.

I felt great pretty much all day yesterday – not overly hungry, no cravings, not too difficult. I continued to work on my 2014 vision and goals, and watched the Packers loose in the playoffs. It was weird to be watching football at home and not indulging in beers and some sort of cheesy, meat-y treat. One thing that I’m going to need to work on and probably need support in is figuring out how to be social, and at the same time, do the right things for my body.

Again, I didn’t sleep well, and it was midnight before I finally dozed off. I probably need to give some study and attention to my sleep habits and patterns in the near future.

Today is day three of the cleanse and it requires another elimination – no grains, nuts or beans. Fruits and vegetables only, prepared with oils and spices. I already feel like I may struggle with today – no ants on a log for when I get snacky. Since I’ve already got my spaghetti squash marinara and vegetable soup, I’ll stick with those, but I may add a salad in – I bought some fabulous apple balsamic vinegar and rosemary olive oil at Oro di Oliva this week as a treat.

So I’m ready. Bring on the pooping (it actually started yesterday) and get this body cleaned out. I’m ready for a different kind of feeling this year.


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