2014 Is Here!


run into the new year

It’s January second and it’s time for millions of people around the world to begin their journeys to health, weight-loss, fitness and mental wellbeing. I’m one of those people, and the proof was in the pudding this morning as I overheard a number of individuals at personal training this morning complaining of holiday weight, lethargy and disappointment in themselves for having one too many cocktails or cheesy dips over the last few weeks.

I am proud to say that despite temperatures in the single digits and a course covered in ice, my friend Erin and I “Ran into the New Year” at State Fair Park in Milwaukee on New Year’s Eve. We finished in 45 minutes, but hey, we finished, right? After the run, Erin and I set a joint goal: another 5k in March, where we finish in 37 minutes (and, we’re both going to be down to 210 pounds by then). I’m trying to think back to my last race, and I think it was Crazylegs back in 2011! Time flies, and I’m not going to let myself get that far away from running in the future. Speaking of which – I finally bit the bullet and purchased a treadmill! It’s on order from Sears, and will be delivered on January 10 – just in time for me to kick into gear for a St. Patrick’s Day race!

kelly010214  So here I am today, up to 225 pounds, but made it out in the snowstorm to Push for training with Karen. I had a good workout, considering I’m still sore from the 5k and I’m coming off of the holiday binge. While I haven’t quite finished my personal resolutions yet, Karen set one for me: I will stop making excuses. I’m just like every other person in the world – I have challenges managing my time, giving in to temptation, and feeling like I have too many barriers to lead a healthy, happy life. But that’s bullsh*t and we all know it. And Karen is going to help me remember it through this year.

My next few posts will be my personal resolutions, goals and action plan for 2014, as well posts letting you know how I do on a 7-day cleanse next week. I’m lining up contributors to help us all with fitness, diet, and inspiration, so stay tuned for more Fit Club action.

Advice from my therapist for the week: set one fitness/weight loss goal for the week. Don’t get overwhelmed. So for this first week in January, 2014, I will clean out the fridge, getting rid of the holiday treats and go shopping to stock up on the things I’m going to need to make this happen. 

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